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    No-Pull Dog Leash
    Hannah Morris

    No-Pull Dog Leash

    Great design and quality materials!

    My two small dogs have been using the no-pull harness and leash and I think both feel very comfortable in them. I’ve been attaching the leash to the front clip to teach the no to pull and walk next to me and I think it’s working better than with other harness I’ve tried in the past - I notice the difference.
    The colors are beautiful and the construction and materials feel sturdy and safe.

    No-Pull Neoprene Harness
    Christine DeVoe

    This is a great harness. It is so safe to use . Our Jack Russell is lively and therefore a good safe comfortable harness is required, and this particular one ticks all the boxes!

    DF Walk Kit
    Erica C
    Nice kit

    I received my harness and leash set, and I love it! The diving cloth has nice feel to it. Soft and should feel comfortable to our 18-pound puppy. Looks like it will serve our Izzy for some time to come, since it is adjustable.


    These I've found most effective at keeping the pressure off their necks, which are prone to injury and congenital trachea issues.

    No-Pull Neoprene Harness
    Fernando Bravo
    Easy to Use!

    I use a variety of harnesses for my Scottie. She pulls and yanks and I know it's my fault that I have not hired a trainer to train her out of it (I clearly am unable to do it by myself though I have tried for four years) but I just haven't come up with the time or money for that yet. So I get different harnesses because then the pressure on her little frame gets applied differently. I think she probably makes herself sore from the yanking and pulling, so having different harness types applies the pressure to different places on the next walk. She's a Scotty so very stubborn (won't quit yanking) and enthusiastic (which is endearing). The medium size is the widest strap that will fit her, so that provides more distribution of the pressure too. (You might be thinking if the harness were less comfy when she pulls that would dissuade the pulling, but she is not that logical.) She stops pulling after about the first mile. I do love walking her. :P

    DF Walk Kit
    So easy to use

    I love how easy and manageable the clip is to use! I have to leash my dog to take her to the bathroom and this makes it a cinch.


    This is a great harness. It is so safe to use . Our Jack Russell is lively and therefore a good safe comfortable harness is required, and this particular one ticks all the boxes!

    DF Walk Kit
    Very durable!

    I bought this kit for my son's lab! Great value for my money!

    No-Pull Dog Leash
    Kristi A
    Love this leash!

    Love this leash! We have a strong 70 pound pitbull who loves to pull on his leash. We have tried slip chains, pinch collars, gentle leaders and numerous other products to try to stop the pulling and none of them consistently worked. With this leash we have finally found something that works, especially when combined with a harness. It doesn't fix the problem 100% but it is far more effective then everything else we have tried.

    No-Pull Dog Leash
    Kristi Alcorace
    Great leash!

    The leash itself seems very sturdy and the padded handles keep it very comfortable

    The bungee leash helps control my pup much better on Walks and the color matches his collar and vest. Exactly what I was looking for and the price is pretty good as well.

    DF Walk Kit
    Tiffany Dominguez
    May buy a second

    The clasp worried me but seems well made and was easy to get off. Haven’t used much yet but seems very sturdy for my ~100lb dog

    No-Pull Dog Leash
    Amanda Naxi
    Excellent Leash

    I am extremely satisfied with this leash. It's affordable, well made, and gives me an added sense of control.

    No-Pull Dog Leash
    Gaurav Kumar Kakkar
    Well Designed Lease for Active Dogs

    This is the 2nd one I bought - now have one I can leave in the car plus one at home. The leash has been dragged through the brush and mud when I have let go of the dog and still looks and works great.

    No-Pull Dog Leash
    Great, Sturdy Leash

    Shock absorbing feature is great for when dog sees a squirrel or whatever and bolts. I like the extra handle area closer to the dogs neck for when I need more control. The catch is cleverly designed so it stay on well. The seat belt feature latches into the seat belt on my car but tried it without the dog in it.

    DF Walk Kit
    Works for my 90lbs dog

    My 90lbs dog ate through his leash and we needed a new one ASAP. This kit was delivered right away and he hasn’t been able to eat through it. It’s very sturdy and holds up well. I especially like the 2 handles for options on if I want him closer to me or give him some room to do his business.

    It's great for pullers.

    I don't leave many reviews but felt the seller deserved this one. This is a great leash. It's really nicely made and seems like it will last. I ordered the purple color and it is as pictured. I really like the cushioning in the handle because my dog is a major puller. The main reason I bought this leash was for the traffic handle which also has cushioning and works as suppose to.

    Perfect harness for escape artists

    Love, love, love! This harness is absolutely amazing! It is perfect for my Sloughi puppies who are little Houdini’s and can get out of anything. We have so much more control, there is no slipping out of the harness.

    No-Pull Dog Leash
    Wayne K.
    A little stiff but superb quality

    This leash is extremely well made! Strong material. But the best part is the closure on the clasp that attaches to your dogs collar. The design is such that it can't open on its own. I've had regular closure leashes and on occasion they have opened, allowing my dog to keep on going! This one is great as it won't open because of the design. Highly recommend. It does take some breaking in as it's thicker and stiff.

    No-Pull Dog Leash
    Cindy Gresham
    Handles are very useful

    I have a 25 lb. puppy and this is a really helpful leash when he is pulling I can use the closer handle to help him learn not to pull. Both handles are padded and comfortable and so much better than other leashes I've tried. The only thing is the clasp is a little difficult for my fingers to use. I have some hand issues so it may not be a problem for others.

    comfortable enough

    We love how the double H strap is completely removable it makes applying the harness easier with a wiggling puppy. We also love how you don’t have to pick up a paw and put it in the harness, the first strap just buckles in as well. It is comfortable enough for them to run jump and play in it as well. This is a MUST!!!!!!!!!

    Perfect for my pugs

    This is the greatest harness! It's easy to fit & adjusts every place a pug needs it. Especially the chest length! I also like that the leash hook is at the base of the shoulders instead of up by the neck, which can be dangerous for pugs especially. (You can also attach at the front if you have a puppy that likes to pull.)
    I'd tried many other expensive harnesses, but this one is the clear winner for fit & ease of use. This H-shape is perfect for my pugs who have very little fur in the armpit area. All of the other harnesses I tried chaffed their armpits, even with a sweater on! I will never use any other harness. I would recommend this harness to any dog owner, but it's especially wonderful for smaller breeds with large chests like pugs, french bulldogs, etc.

    Perfect design

    I had a hard time finding a harness that would fit my dog. She has a small head and fat stomach. This harness fits perfectly. It's adjustable and made of felt like material. I also have better control over my dog.

    No-Pull Neoprene Harness
    Charles A. Martin
    So far so good!

    Really surprised by the quality here, this is much nicer than I expected.

    Very handsome on him. Hardware/materials/stitching seems sturdy and good quality. Best yet, I don't feel like I'm going to loose him when I have to pull him away from something! (Yay!)

    Can't speak to the durability yet, but will update later when I can.

    No stretch, halter is rigid but soft with a neoprene padding.